The Joyful Mysteries (High Level)

I enjoyed the mixed blessing today of forgetting my handbook of prayers when I prayed the rosary today, which lead me to reflect on my memory of the mysteries and the various reflections on them I have experienced as opposed to reflecting more acutely on some aspect of the reflection that ‘stands out’. While in […]

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Peter’s Denials – John

Back in highschool, I participated in a troupe called the “Franciscan Mystery Players”. Basically, we practiced and performed a prayerful and meditative play of the passion of Christ. We had a trailer with lights and costumes, etc. we’d hang out on car rides after school on Friday to some parish around the state, then we’d […]

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Act of Contrition

Some background on Contrition from Chatechism: CCC 1431 – Interior repentance is a radical reorientation of our whole life, a return, a conversion to God with all our heart, and end of sin, a turning away from evil, with repugnance toward evil actions we have committed. At the same time it entails the desire and […]

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Yesterday, speaking with a friend, I shared some thoughts on “mortification” that occurred to me on a run a few days back. The word seems to come up often in Opus Dei circles, or quotes from Jose Maria Escriva, which is probably why it was on my mind, but I think the concept itself is […]

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